KPOP Photo Cards: How to choose the best Kpop cards 2024?

kpop photo cards

Beautiful Photo cards of idols are a hugely popular merchandise amongst KPop fans around the world. It’s a norm nowadays to include one (or more) free KPop photo cards with the official album of a particular group or solo K-Pop artist. 

Photo Cards are the latest hobby among DIY collectors and K-Pop paraphernalia hobbyists. Now fans can buy their favourite band member’s custom photo cards or full set of albums of the best K-Pop groups including BTS, BlackPink, StrayKids, EXO and more. These K-Pop Photocards are, no doubt, one of the bestsellers among ardent K-Pop fans.

Types Of KPop Photo Cards

There is an array of different types of K-Pop photo cards available online. A typical photo card template comprises a photo on one side and title of the event or name of K-Pop group ( or member) on the back. You may also come across the logo of the group or album on these K-Pop photocards. Check out this huge list of BTS photo cards for example.

You may also stumble across a second type, namely, lenticular KPop photo cards which are available separately (bonus on the album) or in a set (for example a set from the Twice World Tour 2019, Twicelights).  

The lenticular printing on a photo card resembles a 3D image on a flat surface and adds a dazzling effect of the image flipping between two photos.

Moreover, the printed images appear as if they are moving based on the viewing angle. They are also known as hologram photo cards (for instance check The ElyXiOn [dot] collection on EXO Planet #4, where the hologram card is a bonus in a deco sticker set).

The third type of K-Pop photo cards are transparent cards which have somewhat translucent or completely transparent elements. For instance, check set available during Kpop group, Loona’s special event Cinema Theory: Up & Line comprising 12 sheets made of PVC. Transparent photo cards tend to be more durable than the paper cards.

And…that’s a wrap! Stay posted for more such Kpop updates. 

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