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EXO Profile 2021: K-Pop EXO Profile, Members, Facts, Songs…

Exo Profile

Exo, often stylized as EXO is a nine-member K-Pop boy band that was formed in 2011. Considered by many as one of the best K-Pop bands of all time, EXO comprises 9 members SuHo, BaekHyun, XiuMin, Lay, Chen, D.O, Kai, ChanYeol, and SeHun. The stage name “EXO” is derived from the word ‘exoplanet’. Here’s the […]

Stray Kids Profile 2021: K-Pop Stray Kids Profile, Members, Facts, Songs…

Stray Kids profile

Stray Kids, often stylized as Skz, is an 8 member K-pop boy group formed under JYP Entertainment that made their debut with the album “”I Am Not” on March 25th, 2018. Stray Kids were originally a 9 member group until October, 2019 when JYP announced Woojin’s departure from the band due to personal reasons. Here’s […]

12+ Best KPOP Groups in 2021

Best Kpop groups

The magical world of K-Pop is replete with catchy vocals, animated dance moves, incredible imagery, addictive music videos, hip fashion and hysterical fandoms. Which is why, K-pop idols continue to dominate pop culture and shatter YouTube viewership records. Groups such as BTS and Blackpink have already introduced millions of people to K-pop and made K-Pop […]

20+ Best Kpop Slang Terms Every Fan Must Know in 2021

Kpop Slang terms

K-pop is a vibrant world full of eclectic music, dance, fashion, and so much more. It has evolved into a full-fledged genre and “culture” by itself. Hence, there are some key words or KPop slang terms or catch phrases that you must know before you enter into a fandom. Long-time K-pop fans might already be […]

KPOP Photo Cards: How to choose the best Kpop cards 2021?

kpop photo cards

Beautiful Photo cards of idols are a hugely popular merchandise amongst KPop fans around the world. It’s a norm nowadays to include one (or more) free KPop photo cards with the official album of a particular group or solo K-Pop artist.  Photo Cards are the latest hobby among DIY collectors and K-Pop paraphernalia hobbyists. Now […]

10 Idols Who Look Great with KPOP Glasses

kpop glasses

Kpop glasses are the new worldwide rage. Often endearingly called the “Harry Potter Glasses” in lieu of their round shaped frames, Kpop glasses are a staple in the Kpop universe. A trending fashion item for K-Pop idols, groups and fandom alike, not everyone can pull off these intricately designed circular frames.  Which is why, we […]

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