15+ Best KPop Boy Groups in 2022

best kpop boy groups

K-Pop boy bands are the latest worldwide phenomenon. They are rapidly getting etched in pop culture with each passing year. Since “Gangnam Style” went viral in 2012, K-Pop wave after wave of K-pop boy groups have dominated global music charts. Down below we have done a rundown of the best Kpop boy groups that will have you join their fandom in a jiffy. 

So, are you ready to check out the top 15 most popular K-pop boy groups? Let’s get started.

15 of the Best KPop Boy Groups 2022

1) BTS

best kpop boy groups

BTS and the coveted term “KPop boy group” go hand in hand. Represented by their dedicated fanbase around the world called ARMY, BTS or the Bangtan Boys took the stage in historic fashion at the 2019 Grammy Awards. 

Not to mention, they have completely sold out massive venues (with over 90,000 seats) in the United States and Europe alone, and their music videos have accrued billions of views collectively on YouTube. 

2) EXO

best kpop groups

While “LOVE SHOT” recently became EXO’s 10th music video to surpass 100 million views, this Kpop boy band seems to be on roll with promotions and upcoming releases in store for their legions of fans. 

While EXO have a knack for ruling the music charts, they seem to be setting the stage on fire in the fashion world too. All in all, EXO is one of the best KPop boy groups to get into if you are new to K-Pop mania. and EXO-L’s are just itching for any hints on a comeback.


best kpop groups

Currently riding high on their momentum in both Korea and Japan, SEVENTEEN are a relatively new group on the K-Pop scene. Interestingly, SEVENTEEN have also performed at Japan’s largest music festival, SUMMER SONIC 2019. 

What’s more, their latest Korean album YOU MADE MY DAWN recently surpassed 450,000 album sales worldwide. Which is why they are touted as one of the best KPop boy groups in the new wave of K-Pop artists. 

4) TXT

best kpop boy groups

Budding global sensation could be an apt  superlative to describe TXT,  or Tomorrow X Together.  Ever since their debut in March 2019, the up-and-coming 5 member Korean  has surpassed 100,000 in total album sales, whilst “Crown” smashed numerous streaming records on YouTube and iTunes. 

Keep your eyes glued and ears peeled for TXT are one the best KPop boy bands to have emerged in the circuit after many years. They have already lapped up the Best Rookie of the Year award at both Golden Disc Awards and Melon Music Awards.

5) Shinee

best kpop boy groups

Pronounced as (Shiny), Shinee was originally a five-piece group until 2017 when their member Jongyun died. They made their debut as a contemporary R&B group. However, they branched out to newer genres including funk rock, hip hop and EDM during the course of their long, illustrious career. 

Shinee are widely regarded as a formidable live vocal group in K-pop and are renowned for their highly synchronized and complex dance routines, having been winners of Best Dance Performance Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

6) Monsta X

best kpop boy groups

Having picked up 4 music show trophies, and topping various iTunes Charts globally with their most recent smash hit comeback, “Alligator”, Monsta X are on a blitzkrieg. They have also got a new unique laurel up their sleeve, that is, Monsta X were the first ever K-Pop boy group to perform at the coveted iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

7) Winner

best kpop boy groups

Considered by many as one of the best KPop boy groups of all time, Winner was formed in 2013. Although originally a 5-piece band, Taehyun departed from Winner in 2016 due to health issues. Winner are famous for their impeccable artistry having been credited for creating high quality music fit for the mass KPop audience.

What’s more, all members handle production, composition, songwriting and choreography for all their songs from start to finish since debut. Their self-produced songs encapsulate themes of hope, love, and and relatable everyday life stories.

8) Astro

best kpop groups

Comprising six members, ASTRO was formed in 2016. Interestingly, they were named by Billboard as one of the best new K-pop groups in that year. Astro have thus far released a total of six albums. 

It was revealed in November 2019, that member Moonbin was focusing on recovery from physical health concerns hence he would be taking a hiatus from group promotions. However, he could be later seen performing with the band in the music video for Blue Flame.

9) NCT

best kpop groups

After their swashbuckling debut in 2016, NCT, who derived its name from Hallyu localization project Neo Culture Technology, are still going strong with its 21 members and four subunits. 

The fourth unit WayV which is based in China, debuted in 2019 with their single album The Vision. All the members of NCT are aged from their late teens to mid-twenties. Definitely, one of the best KPop boy groups to watch out for in the future.

10) BtoB

best kpop boy groups

BtoB (acronym for Born to Beat) is a seven member boy group that debuted in 2012 and has been making rapid strides ever since. Since their splendid debut, BtoB have received multiple awards, including Best Vocal Group Award at the 30th Golden Disc Awards and Singer of the Year at the 2015 KBS Music Festival.


best kpop boy groups

Jellyfish Entertainment’s newest K-Pop boy group, VeriVery are a 7 member group that was formed in 2018. VeriVery debuted in 2019 with the album Veri-Us that got a staggering 24,000 album sales. According to latest reports, the group will join Mnet’s reality television competition Road to Kingdom.

12) VIXX

best kpop boy groups

VIXX is (an acronym for voice, visual, value in excelsis) is a six member K-Pop boy group formed in 2012. Their music is a soothing respite from contemporary K-Pop bands in that their albums, lyrical content and choreography are concept-based with an underlying theme weaved around them.

13) TREI

best kpop boy groups

Newest K-Pop band on the block, Banana Culture’s TREI made their debut some time back last year and have already cultivated a dedicated and loyal fanbase. They are amongst one of the best KPop boy groups in the new wave of K-Pop idols. Keep a close watch on these three member K-Pop newbies.


best kpop boy groups

With their sublime onstage dancing skills being the top draw, HOTSHOT’s Roh Taehyun’s was recently acknowledged as one of the top male dancers in the K-Pop industry. 

Although they have not released new music in quite a while, the five member strong Hotshot is considered one of the best Kpop boy groups to have graced the scene ever since their inception in 2014.

15) 2PM

best kpop boy groups

Although they are now on an official hiatus since 2017, 2PM have left a huge imprint on the K-Pop music scene worldwide. The band was formed in 2008 originally as seven piece outfit and had a great run till 2016 when they released their sixth album titled Gentleman’s Game to rave reviews.

Currently, most of the band’s members such as Chanseng are enlisted in military service. However, as of January, 2020, Jun. K had completed his military service. They are now a 6-piece band.

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